Keep Employee-facing HR Systems Running Reliably

Create a reliable employee experience by proactively monitoring HR systems and fixing problems before employees are impacted.

💼 Business Problem

Human resource specialists rely on HRIS applications to keep critical employee information up to date, such wage and tax information for employee stock management, or location details for shipment of company equipment. Due to these tight dependencies, unknown downtime of any of these applications can prove costly to an organization, such as a laptop being shipped to an out-of-date employee address.

Many human resources teams often discover these problems too late, typically when an impacted employee reaches out, or after an IT team resolves the issue at hand. Even if IT teams communicate these issues to human resources, they are often relayed through always-full email inboxes, or noisy chat tool channels where critical information is easy to miss. Human resources teams may also experience extra operational pain during peak months such as tax season, when there is an especially high volume of inquiries being submitted if HRIS tools did not update employee information accurately.

It is imperative for IT and human resource departments to coordinate these types of responses in real-time, so human resources can stay ahead of issues before employees are impacted.

🙌 What Success Looks Like

PagerDuty allows a streamlined, easy way for response teams to communicate HRIS tool issues that details the scope, impact, and progress directly to human resources teams. Instead of IT teams spending time writing updates in easy-to-miss or noisy channels, human resource specialists will receive their updates in hard-to-miss ways such as a mobile notification. This will allow the IT team to focus on troubleshooting the issue at hand, without being burdened by a high volume of inquiries from employees, and will also equip human resources with the necessary information to pivot and perform their jobs effectively during this time of impact.

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⚙️ How It Works


When major application issues arise, the IT team then enables HR stakeholders to receive status updates on their phone to keep them informed on impact, until the issue is resolved.

Here is what the PagerDuty notification looks like:



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ℹ️ Step-by-Step Setup

Set Up Notifications

Human resource specialists can configure their notification preferences here so they can receive status updates when subscribed to an issue.

Subscribe to Issues

IT teams can either automatically add subscribers to issues that occur or manually add them during the response process.