Expedite Scheduling of Candidate-requested Follow-up Meetings

Create a responsive candidate experience by quickly responding to requests for follow-up discussions, such as with executive leadership or employee resource groups (ERGs).

💼 Business Problem

A joint effort between the Talent Acquisition and Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (ID&E) departments can empower late stage candidates to reach out directly to Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) for non-evaluative conversations. The process is entirely candidate driven and designed to promote honest discussions between candidates and employees of shared identities about their experiences that may not be represented within that candidate's interview loop.

As these discussions are out of the formal process, ERGs need to be able to manage candidate experience and set up these discussions in time with the candidate’s recruiting process, without the direct support of the hiring team.

In today’s competitive job market, a streamlined and inclusive interview loop is critical to building best-in-class, diverse teams. If a company fails to adequately demonstrate their commitment to diversity and belonging by being unresponsive, that may very well serve as a deal breaker, prolong time-to-fill performance metrics for the Talent Acquisition team, and hurt the company’s overall employment brand.

🙌 What Success Looks Like

Unlike traditional emailing systems where notifications may get buried in an inbox, PagerDuty’s real-time notification capabilities and robust escalation processes ensure that ERG representatives can connect with interested candidates in a timely manner. ERG contacts are not members of the recruiting organization, and are taking on these requests in addition to their day-to-day responsibilities. PagerDuty reduces the burden on the ERG teams, and helps ensure no candidates get lost.

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⚙️ How It Works


PagerDuty is leveraged to send real-time notifications to ERG liaisons whenever a candidate submits an engagement request to an email alias they are exposed to (tied to a PagerDuty Email Integration). The representative responding to the request demonstrates ownership by receiving the email, replying to the candidate to confirm availability, and lastly scheduling the desired meeting on their calendars.

Here is what the PagerDuty notification looks like:



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ℹ️ Step-by-Step Setup

Set Up Your Team

  1. Have each ERG liaison configure their user notifications accordingly so they can be immediately alerted through their preferred choice via phone.
  2. Place the entire team on a schedule, called “{ERG Name} - Liaison Team” adding ERG liaisons and designating shifts amongst them.
  3. Lastly, add the schedule to an escalation policy called “{ERG Name} - Liaison Team” to complete the notification setup. A manager can optionally be placed as an additional escalation point if the request is approaching SLA (configured as the escalation policy timeout), to act as a backup resource and remind ERG liaisons to respond.

Connecting Emails to PagerDuty

  1. To connect emails to PagerDuty, navigate to Services → Service Directory and click +New Service.
  2. Name your service “Candidate Requested Interviews - {ERG Name}” along with a description.
  3. On the Assign screen, click Select an Existing Escalation Policy, and search for "{ERG Name} - Liaison Team" configured above on the dropdown.
  4. On the Integrations screen, select Email from the search bar, dropdown or from our most popular integrations list.
  5. Once you are done entering your service settings, click Create Service.
  6. You will now be in the service’s integrations tab. Copy your integration email and link it to an email alias that is exposed to hiring candidates.
  7. Repeat this setup for each employee resource group.