PagerDuty Solution Guides for Business

PagerDuty helps organizations everywhere keep their business processes running smoothly, letting you move faster and handle critical work better. This collection of guides details how PagerDuty can solve common business problems involving critical work. New guides are regularly added, and we’re available to help as you explore and set up any of these solutions.

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📒 For Human Resources →

Use PagerDuty to keep employee information up-to-date and get alerts when key systems are unavailable.

📊 For Sales →

Use PagerDuty for sales processes such as expediting order approvals or awareness of high-impact pipeline deals.

🎨 For Marketing →

Use PagerDuty to get alerts about marketing system outages and critical changes in the competitive environment.

🏦 For Finance →

Use PagerDuty to get alerts about finance related processes such as book closing reminders or when key systems are unavailable.